Staffordshire, the creative county with new squash initiative


Point Pursuit Squash, a new squash initiative, made its debut in August this year between Oak Park Squash Club and Lichfield Squash Club.

The thinking behind the concept was to give avid squash club players who maybe play further down in the club leagues the chance to play team squash. This concept was set in motion by Oak Park Squash Club in collaboration with Lichfield Squash Club.

The initial trial took place at Lichfield Squash Club between Oak Park and Lichfield at Lichfield Squash Club with the second leg at Oak Park.

There were 9 players per team with players ranging from the bottom to the top of their respective internal club leagues. Each match was 3 games and was played to 15 points with every point counting towards the total team score.

Overall, the two trial fixtures were a massive success with Oak Park taking the win in both legs.

The trial of Point Pursuit Squash has proven the concept works, which was the main aim they set out to achieve. In the near future, the plan is to continue building with more local clubs to grow the idea into the brilliant initiative they know it can be. If there are other clubs in the county that would like to get involved in Point Pursuit Squash, please get in touch with Oak Park Squash Club or Lichfield Squash Club and together let’s see this great squash concept grow!