Staffordshire Squash Academy


Plans are underway to run our Staffordshire Squash Academy sessions at different venues across the county.  Our focus will be on nurturing the next generation of squash players to make them the best they can be, whilst making their time on court great fun too. Sessions will take place in a relaxed environment so that individuals can fully express themselves on court.

Our fully trained England Squash coaches will deliver structured lessons where juniors will learn about all aspects of the game.  As well as ensuring they have a sound understanding of squash, the sessions will focus on :

  • Warm up routines
  • Hand to eye coordination exercises
  • Different shots – drive, volley, boast, drop, lob
  • Grip, swing, racket preparation, technique
  • Movement, footwork, speed and balance
  • Decision making – playing the right shot
  • Being deceptive – when one has options and time on the ball
  • Mindset – to win points, games and matches

We will also employ the use of routines and conditioned games where appropriate. By using different routines and conditioned games, juniors will have to think more which will lead to quicker improvement.

Where could this Staffordshire Squash Academy training lead?

Potentially playing for your country. The talent pathway goes as follows :

  • Staffordshire Squash Academy
  • County squad
  • Aspire programme
  • England potential
  • England development
  • England academy
  • Team England

Any questions regarding the academy? Feel free the contact us.

Futher updates will be posted soon…….