Full court games from September 1st


With many restrictions in play since the return to squash in late July, we are delighted to announce that phase 2 is upon us. From the 1st of September, squash clubs and venues can return to playing full court games in ‘bubbles’.

England Squash have now received approval to move to phase 2 of their plan which allows full court games in bubbles of up to 6 players.

Please note there will still be social distancing in place, additional safety measures and some minor changes to the game which you should be aware of.

If you are not familiar with ‘bubbles’ read on…..

A bubble consists of a maximum of six players. Players can only be part of one bubble at a time.

Players within the bubble can play full-court matches but with the following modifications and hygiene measures;

  • Only two players on court at one time.
  • Play best of three games.
  • Play first to 11 points, sudden-death at 10-all.
  • Use ‘Sides’ as a way to maintain social distancing throughout the warm-up.
  • During each game, when the first player reaches five points, both players should wipe away excessive sweat, sanitise their hands and the ball. Repeat between games.
  • The same player to serve / touch the ball during each half of a game, and at the halfway point, switch servers.
  • Protective eyewear or visors are strongly recommended at all times.
  • Players must not wipe their hands on the court walls.
  • Players are not allowed to shout or raise their voice.

The England Squash return to play plan has 5 phases. These are detailed below.

Summary of what it means for clubs and players
1. ‘Sides’
Re-open clubs with safety measures in place. Socially distanced practice and ‘Sides’ game play only. Solo practice. Same-household play.
2. Squash Bubbles‘Squash bubbles’ (a group of up to six players who can play squash with each other) can be formed within clubs and venues. Introduction of full court play within squash bubbles, with enhanced hygiene protocols. No competitive inter-club play.
3. Inter-Club PlayReturn to inter-club play with game modifications including social distancing measures and enhanced hygiene protocols. Increase to number of players allowed within squash facilities. Group training allowed with additional safety measures in place. Inter-club/local matches can take place, including county leagues with adapted rules.
4. Small Scale Competition Play
Small one-day competitions to resume, with a reduced number of competitors allowed and limited spectators. Further increase to number of players allowed within squash facilities. Small, local team competitions to resume with a reduced number of players per team and dispersed schedules.
5. Full Play
Return to full play with no limit to number of opponents. Full leagues/multi-day competitions to resume – dispersed schedules and multiple venues to be used to control crowding. Continuation of practical health and safety protocols to mitigate any additional risk of COVID-19 outbreaks.

Play safe and please follow the guidelines. If we all work together this could mean a return to normal full play sooner.